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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Report

With so many buzz words and acronyms floating around and filling your inbox, it is no wonder you maybe overwhelmed with the world of online marketing!  You know that that you want more traffic to your website but need a better understanding of why - and better yet, HOW to do that!

ContentPros™ can evaluate your current website and provide you with a one-time SEO report.  We will sit down with you and your report and walk through our findings and suggestions, while educating you on search engine marketing.  This is a great option for any business owner who is ready to move their business forward into the world of Web 2.0 - one step at a time!

    Business Profile 

ContentPros™ wants your business to have an online presence.  If you currently do not have a website but know you need to be online, we encourage you to consider a Business Profile.  It will allow you to put your information out on the World Wide Web, including your company name, contact information, working hours, business description, mapping to your business, and your company logo. If you already have  website, but would like to increase your expose in local markets, this is also a great solution.  All you need to do is provide us your information and we build your profile, no domain registration necessary!

After we have created this one-page web page for you, we will submit your profile to up to 50 different directories including prominent online directories like Dex, Superpages, Google, MSN and Yahoo to name a few.  The exposure is inexpensive, and changes can be made quickly from one platform.  Then, if you decide in the future to build a website, you already have the base for great inbound links to your new website!  If you already have a website, this is a great supplement or 'starter package' to your search engine marketing.

    Call Tracking 

You may have tried to manage some online marketing efforts yourself and cannot determine if you are getting measurable results.  Or maybe your new to search engine marketing and are looking to take small steps with a limited budget.  Current ContentPros™ clients will find the Call Tracking service makes for a great supplemental service to any of the other search engine marketing offerings you may have underway!

Call Tracking provides you with a local or 800 number that you can use on your website or business profile.  Calls to this number are forwarded to your main number (with no effect on the customers experience).  You will recieve a monthly report that tracks all calls made to this number with pertinant information including the callers name and address, date of incoming call, duration, wait time and call status if available. 

Armed with this report, you can begin to measure the effectiveness of your website conversion pages.

    Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is for those clients who are seeking immediate traffic and want to see benefit of their marketing efforts for the least investment, as you are only charged when your sponsored link is clicked.  With a ContentPros™ Pay-Per-Click Campaign you can target as many keywords as you want.  Set up is also quick and results could be immediate.  In addition, a Pay-Per-Click Campaign is flexible to change and provides easy, measurable results.

A good PPC campaign includes many variables and all PPC campaigns are not created equal.  Having a team that is experienced in writing effective advertisements using mult-variant testing techniques, understanding the bidding process and other tricks of the trade are essential in getting the most for your money.

If you think this is the appropriate search engine marketing for your business and you have an existing website or would like to consider a website rebuild with ContentPros™, please contact us to get started!

   Search Engine Optimization Campaign

ContentPros™ SEO Campaign offering is a minimum six month long engagement.  It is a comprehensive set of communications, deliverables, tactics, and procedures aimed at providing both short and long-term value to our clients. It is important to ContentPros™ to parnter with you to understand your business so that we may carefully take into consideration your business goals and priorities in the formulation of our plan.

This process includes meeting with you first with the goal of familiarizing our team with your business and identifying target market behavioral patterns.  ContentPros™ will also evaluate and make any necessary recommendations about your site and domain structure to determine if initial changes are required to address any overarching variables inhibiting the search engines.  

Next, ContentPros™ will work with you to derive a comprehensive set of keyword phrases associated with the your business goals.  These keywords will be assigned and addressed throughout your site.

Off-site, we will build links on third-party websites.  This is an on-going process to increase relevance and traffic to your site. 

Performance monitoring is essential to successful on-going marketing efforts. ContentPros™ will monitor your ranking and traffic for maintenance purposes and to improve the performance of our tactical efforts.

ContentPros™ cannot stress enough both the importance of a SEO Campaign in conjuction with your website, and that this process is continuous and on-going to reap the best results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as you may have heard it referred to, is marketing that is focused on promoting your business through your website via the internet. Its purpose is to increase your presence on the web and your visibility to the search engine results pages (SERPs).

ContentPros™ offers a suite of enhanced SEM services to address your search engine marketing needs and help your website reach the top of the results pages across multiple search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our offerings are separated into 5 services, all of which can be used and tailored to your specific needs as deteremined by our analysis.

To learn more about how ContentPros™ can assist you in reaching a new level of online marketing to reach for the top of the searchs and generate leads online, please contact us at 719.302.2849 to set up a consultation. You do NOT have to have a ContentPros™-powered website, or a website at all! So don’t hesitate – Call us today!


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